Slow-Cooked Egg over Sushi Rice

A dear, foodie friend of mine has so kindly loaned me his sous vide machine (these things are pricey!) – and boy have I been having fun with it! Just when I thought that sous vide experiences were reserved for my daydreams while I watched Iron Chef episodes, I’ve been graced with the opportunity to experiment with this glorious mechanism and absolutely divine way of cooking foods slowly and gently at various temperatures.

Given that I’m a true egg fanatic, I had to start my experiments with eggs. I wish I owned one of these machines now – I think it will be hard to go back to stove-cooked eggs! I hope you enjoy this simple recipe – it does require a sous vide machine, but don’t worry if you don’t have a sous vide machine – just poach your eggs in boiling water on the stove per your liking, and the rest of the recipe can stay the same!

If any of you had childhoods like mine, I grew up eating boiled white rice with soy sauce and butter – and this recipe takes me down memory lane in such a warm, fuzzy way :).

Super quick to assemble, super easy to devour in under 5 minutes, and incredibly easy to entertain with (friends or family!) – kids will eat this up too 😉 I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Yields: 4 servings

4 large, organic eggs
4 cups hot cooked sushi rice
4 teaspoons dark soy sauce
roasted sesame seeds, to taste
green onion, finely sliced, to taste
salt, to taste
Optional garnish: a few drops sesame oil


Preheat your water ‘oven’ using your sous vide machine to 145°F. Place eggs (in shell) in water bath and cook for at least 90 minutes, and up to 4 hours (depending on how runny you like your eggs).

Divide hot rice evenly amongst four serving bowls. Carefully crack your cooked egg, creating a hole at one tip using your fingertips to allow the contents to come out. Pour out the egg into a small bowl, then carefully pour it, or ‘set it’ on top of rice.

Drizzle with soy sauce, sprinkle with sesame seeds, scatter sliced green onion on top, and eat, mixing egg into rice! Garnish with Kosher salt, to taste, if needed.