Gone Bananaz Tropical Cocktail

We recently traveled to the beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies (my second time, but my husband’s first!) and had a wonderful trip. It was a long weekend full of white, sandy beaches, delicious seafood, ripe, tropical fruits, wonderful people, and last but not least, AMAZING COCKTAILS!!! 🙂

I have to share this one cocktail that was taught to us by our bartender, Kaddy, who works at Montpelier Plantation Inn (the STUNNING hotel we stayed at). We did a fun mixology class with Kaddy, and this cocktail recipe was creamy, had the right amount of sweetness coming from the juice, and the PERFECT amount of alcohol (not too much, not too little) :).

Writing this post makes me nostalgic already, but having this drink transports me back to that wonderful, relaxing state of mind that Nevis offered us.

I hope that many of you try out this drink recipe over the weekend (HAPPY FRIDAY!) or at your next get together – it promises to be a crowd HIT! Also just a note that you can feel free to use any brand for the coconut cream, creme de banana, etc. I have just linked to examples to help you!

Yields: 1 heavenly cocktail

Note: 1 shot of alcohol equates to 1.5 ounces

2 ounces dark rum
1 banana, skin off
1 ounce creme de banana
2 ounce Bailey’s Irish Creme
1 ounce coconut cream
a splash of pineapple juice
two scoops ice
Garnish: fresh grated nutmeg


Combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend for 30 seconds-1 minute until ice and ingredients are well-incorporated. Pour into serving glass of your choice, garnish with fresh, grated nutmeg on top and enjoy! 🙂

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