Priyanka’s Signature Chimichurri-Marinated Grilled Steak

Disclaimer: I have tagged this as ‘vegetarian’ because the chimichurri (the star of this dish) is in fact vegetarian and can be used on vegetables to make a delicious dish!

We are currently vacationing in Sonoma for the weekend and decided to light up the grill at the home we’re staying at for dinner last night. This recipe came together impromptu, and just comes to show how easy this is to put together on the fly as long as you have some of the crucial ingredients! We were originally going to just salt and pepper the steaks and grill them, but this chimichurri transformed our evening into a truly gourmet one! 🙂 We paired it with a beautiful bottle of Nebbiolo (red) wine that we picked up earlier in the day while visiting Siduri Wines, one of my favorite wineries in the area, and it was a hit!

Chimichurri is a critical part of Argentinian cuisine, especially when we’re talking about grilled steak and meats! You can come across various versions of chimichurri at your local farmers markets, and the reason they are so incredibly popular is because of its versatility. This chimichurri does not need to be used on steak – it is fabulous with chicken, fish, and even lamb! Chimichurri is delicious as a marinade like in this recipe, but can also be wonderful drizzled over fresh vegetables (oven roasted or even raw!).

There is really no right or wrong way to do a chimichurri. You can omit cilantro if you don’t like it and make a parsley-only chimichurri or vice-versa. You can come up with your own proportions, omit certain ingredients I used, or even add fresh tomatoes to the blender for a twist! Feel free to use my signature chimichurri as a base to finding your own lovely signature chimichurri, or feel free to start with mine to find your groove with this amazing sauce. In my personal opinion, I think the garlic is so delicious with meat, and I always add lemon juice because it tenderizes the meat wonderfully.

The herbaciousness of this chimichurri is just SO out of this world that I know you will all enjoy my signature chimichurri recipe. And apologies in advance for this picture of the steak – I couldn’t grab it fast enough for a picture, and before I knew it, a few bites were already taken 😉 THAT TASTY!!!!


1 cup fresh parsley firmly packed, stems removed
1 cup fresh cilantro firmly packed, stems removed
5-6 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons chopped onion (or 1/4 onion) – can be red, white, or yellow
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon, juiced
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1.5 tablespoon Kosher salt
1 tablespoon freshly cracked black pepper
Red pepper flakes to taste

3-4 steaks, approximately 8 ounces each, whichever cut you like


Put all ingredients for chimichurri in a blender or food processor until well-incorporated.

Transfer the mixture to a separate bowl and taste. Adjust salt and red pepper flake seasoning to your taste (note: since this recipe does not call for salting the steak, this chimichurri should be on the saltier side as steaks should be well salted!)

**This chimichurri can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days**

Reserve some of the chimichurri in a bowl for when you serve the steaks. Pour the rest onto the steaks and marinate for 10-15 minutes while you heat up your grill (either grill pan on the stove or bbq outside!)

Grill the steaks on each side until it is cooked the way you like it – I always prefer it medium rare!

Serve and garnish with the reserved chimichurri.

Variations: Use this chimichurri on vegetables, chicken or fish! If you have some steak leftover, slice it and add it to a salad for a wonderful weekday lunch!

Wine Pairing: Drink a big bold red wine with this dish!

2 thoughts on “Priyanka’s Signature Chimichurri-Marinated Grilled Steak

  1. Made the chimichurri to top-off my satueed chicken and it was absolutely delightful! It was simple to make yet so good and it added all the flavor I needed to my chicken :). Thanks Priyanka!

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