Spiced Pan-Fried Chickpeas

The weekend is fast-approaching and this little finger-food dish is unique, incredibly easy, and best of all, lick-your-fingers-tasty! Wonderful for entertaining, or just eating up the whole bowl yourself. 😉 Also, little did I know, but after I had cooked this recipe many times, I found this New York Times Article on a variation of this dish! COOL!

Serving Size: 1-2 🙂 If you are entertaining, open up a few cans of chickpeas and double or triple this recipe! These go fast and are extremely addictive.


2 tablespoons garlic olive oil (regular extra-virgin olive oil works too!)
1 14-ounce can chickpeas (a.k.a garbanzo beans), rinsed and drained
1/2 tablespoon paprika (can be hot paprika, bittersweet, or mild, whichever you prefer)
1/2 tablespoon ground cumin
Kosher salt, to taste
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Garnish: 1/2 tablespoon fresh dill


Rinse and dry chickpeas. Pat dry with a paper towel – make sure they are completely dry (or when you pan-fry them, the water will hit the hot oil and make the chickpeas and hot oil jump up and can burn you!).

Heat oil in a non stick skillet over medium high heat. Carefully add chickpeas to skillet, making sure that all chickpeas are on pan in single layer (if the chickpeas are not touching the pan, they aren’t cooking, so make sure every chickpea has contact with the pan!). I suggest using a splatter screen to avoid hot oil coming onto you – these little guys have a tendency to jump when they are losing their moisture and getting cooked.

While you let the chickpeas cook untouched for 2 minutes, add the paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper to the pan by sprinkling over the chickpeas evenly. Not touching them allows them to get a crispy, delicious crust on them.

Now move the chickpeas around with a wooden cooking spoon (helps avoid scratching your pan!) to get the other side of the chickpeas cooked. Now it’s ok to move them around every 30 seconds or so.

Cook chickpeas until they look crisp and lightly browned. Remove from pan and into serving bowl. Add fresh dill on top and additional salt to taste. Serve warm and enjoy!

VARIATIONS: you can cook these with cajun seasoning, freshly chopped parsley (more mediterranean style), or even add chopped nuts to it after it’s cooked for a different texture mixed in!

6 thoughts on “Spiced Pan-Fried Chickpeas

  1. Had all the ingridients at home by chance.
    So made it… I should say, the “dill” tastes
    Wonderful on chick peas. Also added nuts.
    A very quick recipe, loved it 🙂

  2. I didn’t have everything on hand, so I used ½ tablespoon of cumin, 1 teaspoon of curry powder and ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Garnished with coriander. Makes a pretty addictive snack.

    Priyanka, how long do you estimate total cooking time? About 10 minutes? I wasn’t sure how to judge readiness because mine never seemed to get as toasty and glossy as yours.

    • Hey Nikki! Thanks for trying this recipe out – I’m sure the curry powder was a delicious addition! 🙂 I would estimate total cooking time to be around 10 minutes, give or take a few minutes depending on how high you have your stove heat. Next time you try it, don’t move the chickpeas around too much (this allows them to ‘toast’). Perhaps the glossiness is a difference in oil? Let me know if this helps!

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